odometer on my 99 Ram
been there done that!

In 1990 I bought my first Turbo Diesel Ram for the purpose of pulling horse trailers and horses all over the country.The miles add up fast and you meet a lot of people using the trucks for all kinds of purposes.Seems everyone that had one wants to talk about it,good points and bad.I discovered that everyone was having the same problems with the trucks and there were no cheap solutions to repair and the manufacturers had the parts all locked up and there was no where else to go.
I was allways the take it apart and repair it type refusing to buy new when I could repair it myself.I would locate parts here and there and get information from others of where to buy the common failing parts and maintinance stuff other then from Dodge who usually just replaces parts and has little in the way of small parts for repair of starters and alternators and vacuum pumps.Consequently the dealers are limited to what they can offer the consumer in the way of parts and repairs.
I went on to transport Recreational Vehicles manufactured in Indiana all over the country.I had over a million miles on one truck and the truck I have now,the black streched 99 model below has well in excess of 600k miles.The operation I leased on with had probly 3 to 400 Dodges come and go every couple years and we all compared stories about common failures and remedies.
I learned a lot of ways to fix common problems and just had a desire to pass it on to all the Ram owners that go in search of the valuable repair techniques for the do it yourselfer.The hours of research finding all these little parts and stuff are countless but there was allways an abundance of parts for me to take apart that other drivers would give to me to find a fix.As I was well aware that we as commercial drivers were all putting well over 500 thousand miles on our trucks I figured these trucks owned by the general public were going to outlast me and marketing the economical repair kits and info would be fun and an asset to the Turbo Diesel Owner as all the other forums involved seem to be just packed with valuable info and great products for the consumer.Seems the Diesel Pick Up people are kind of a breed in themselves enjoying these trucks and that is great!
Many repairs are much more involved and require knowlege and expertise and tools far beyond the do it yourself owner.But befor you go buy that expensive engine accessory like belt tensioners,fan hubs,alternators and starters ,often we can find or have bearings and pulleys to rebuild the part at a lot less then the part replacement cost.The best source for updated information and products I have found yet is The Turbo Diesel Register Magazine and suscribing to it may be the the most valuable investment you can make in your Ram!Just plug that name into your browser and you will be there.